News Day 17

DAY 17, NOVEMBER 13, 2007

Early this morning we left Cuenca Airport to return to Quito.  Arriving in the capital, we went to the Fundación Alternative.   Monica Hernandez, Foundation Director, Soledad Jarrin, Assistant Director, and Stalin Granillo, Coordinator of the Micro Credit Program, presented the Institution, its mission, work and its support for micro enterprise.

Accompanied by Elizabeth Espinel, Coordinator of the Training Centre Enlace Más and Héctor Padilla,  Credit Officer, we drove an hour south of Quito to meet and dialogue with two groups of the Foundation’s clients.  In an aluminum window store, we observed the Credit Officer carrying out a client evaluation.  We then dialogued directly with the group learning of their experience with enterprise micro credit. 

We then visited a hardware store where Mr. Padilla did the paperwork for a new credit group.  The participants then had the opportunity to question the users regarding their experience with the Foundation’s products and service.

Following lunch en route, we returned to Quito where we headed for the offices of  Banco Solidario.  The Managing Director, Michel Burbano, spoke on the Bank’s experience with rural credit.

Returning to the hotel, we carried out the synthesis workshop.  Afterwards, accompanied by Mr. Julio Flores, Fund for Local Development (Nicaragua) and Olivier Pierard, we visited the spectacularly illuminated historic centre of the city, toured a handicraft centre located in the ancient catacombs beneath the Cathedral, and had dinner.  We then returned to the hotel to rest.

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