Host Cases

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One of the Paths to Learning’s principal characteristics is that the training process is carried out in conjunction with the operators of successful experiences or “host case studies”, selecting and validating practical and traditional knowledge. These “hosts” may belong to the public or private sectors, or to civil society. The case studies are selected on the basis of the lessons obtained from successes and failures, and which can help those who participate in the Paths to Learning program in the resolution of their own innovation needs.

In order to ensure that each Path’s objectives are met, the selected host case studies possess the following characteristics:

•Present proven and validated solutions

•Function under normal conditions

•Are managed directly by their operators

•Present concrete evidence of improvements in income, assets and/or job performance

•Have evidence that the results obtained are the product of the integration of technological, management, methodological and/or conceptual innovations.

Following is a presentation of the Path’s Host Cases

  Ruta de Aprendizaje® PROCASUR / Paths to Learning® PROCASUR  
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