Juan Moreno

Profile: Sociologist. has performed different tasks as a consultant of the International Fund of Agricultural Development, United Nations Development Programme, The Andean Development Corporation (CAF), and The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), for the design, implementation and evaluation of projects of public investment directed to poor rural populations, especially farmers and indigenous people. Participated in the design and application of management systems, useful for the implementation of projects and has performed works of systematization of innovative experiences that provide apprenticeships and useful lessons in order to improve the efficacy and efficiency in the execution of projects
Position on the Path: As the Director of the PROCASUR Corporation is in charge of the Program: Paths of Learning "Successfull innovations in Rural Microfinance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean

Carlos Rodriguez Oliviery

Profile: Specialist in Rural Microfinance. A professional with 26 years of experience, ten in Mexico, three in Pacto Andino, and the rest in Bolivia. During the last 11 years I have worked intensively in microfinance, with emphasis on the administration of programs, projects and concepts, from positions in international co-operation, the government, and the private sector. Since 1996, I have held directory-level positions in the industry, initially as the Co-ordinator of the PNUD Project and subsequently in an APEX Institution in Bolivia. Currently I direct a Foundation which supports the growth and development and the strengthening of capacities of MFIs and other institutions in the sector. I have experience working as a consultant for international organizations and microenterprises. I also have experience teaching themes related to microfinance and development.

Position on the Path: Technical Co-ordinator

Ariel Halpern Gasman

Profile Sociologist and Master© in Latin American Studies. During the past six years I have worked in the design and execution of development projects for the alleviation of rural poverty, particularly working directly with peasant communities in Chile and Latin America, facilitating their organizational and entrepreneurial learning. Currently I work for PROCASUR in the design, co-ordination, and execution of the Paths to Learning, participating in more than ten Paths over the past two years.

Position on the Path: Logistical Co-ordinator

Bernardita Budinich Aparicio

Profile Anthropologist. I have worked principally in the area of social and cultural development, particularly with grass-roots organizations, in themes related to organizational development, identity and patrimony, local development, among others.


Position on the Path: Co-ordination Assistant

Pablo Olmeño Quintanilla

Profile Political Scientist. A recent graduate, he has linked his interest in sociopolitical phenomena of the region with the combating of poverty, through the use of state of the art technology and the dissemination of innovations.


Position on the Path: Webmaster in charge of the administration of the Virtual Learning Community

Sheila Burns

Profile: Journalist. I have worked in print, radio and television in Canada and Chile as a writer, researcher and production assistant. During the past 18 months I have been in charge of communications for Procasur, disseminating its activities to those working in rural and local development and related sectors, through our web page and printed material.


Position on the Path: Communications Co-ordinator


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