News Day 1

DAY 1, OCTOBER 28, 2007

Enthusiastic and expectant, Participants of the Path to Learning “Successful Innovations in Rural Microfinance in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean” began today their official program of activities.


Over the last 24 hours the Path’s 18 participants began to arrive in Lima from Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti, Peru, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, China, India and Sri Lanka.

Coming from a wide range of countries with markedly different cultures, the group is united in it’s commitment to development and its passion for finding viable microfinancial solutions for the many challenges facing poor rural populations in their countries of origin.

The day began with the vaccination of those participants who needed a yellow fever shot, a requisite for obtaining the visa into Bolivia.

The Introductory workshop began at 2:00 in the Events Center of the Ariosto Hotel in Miraflores, with the presentation of the participants, the technical team, the handing out of materials—including the Path’s logbook  and vest, the participant’s ‘uniform’ over the next 18 days—and a series of presentations related to microfinance in Latin America.

Juan Moreno, Director of the Regional Corporation PROCASUR introduced the Path to Learning, Latin America.

Bolivian economist Carlos Rodríguez Olivieri—the Path’s technical Coordinator and moderator of the event gave an address entitled “Current concepts and platforms: keys in the development of rural microfinance”. 


Roberto Haudry, Director of Operations for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) presented “Rural poverty in Peru and access to financial and non financial services”.

Peruvian economic investigator Javier Alvarado gave the address “Innovations in rural microfinance in Latin America: advances and challenges”.

The afternoon’s presentations were finalized with by Carlos Gutierrez, Coordinator of the Administration of Knowledge and Cultural Assets from the Sierra Sur Project in Peru, who presented “People: the key link in the financial chain”.

Following a lively meal in the Hotel restaurant the Participants retired for a well-deserved rest.

  Ruta de Aprendizaje® PROCASUR / Paths to Learning® PROCASUR  
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