Bolivia Map

Country Information

Capital: La Paz

Lenguage: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara

Population: 9.119.152

Geography: Covers an area of 1.098.581 km2. The southeast of Bolivia is dominated by the Andes Mountain range, divided into two large regions by the altiplano plain.  The Western Range shares a border with Chile.  Its peaks reach between 5,700 m. and 6,500 meters.  The highest point in Bolivia is Mt.  Ancohuma, at 7,014 meters.  The Eastern Range is dominated by the snowy peaks Illampu at 6,485 meters and Illimani at 6,882 meters, running in a northwest-southwest direction, opening towards the lowlands of the Amazon basin. Between the Western and Eastern Mountains is the Altiplano, which has an average height of 3,600 meters and is one of the highest populated areas in the world.  Three-quarters of Bolivia is occupied by the eastern plains, which incline gradually from elevations of 450 meters to 200 meters at the borders with  Brasil, Paraguay and Argentina. The northern plains of Beni are watered by the Beni and Mamoré Rivers, important tributaries of the great fluvial basin of the Amazon.

Climate: The climate of the Altiplano is cool and harsh all year long due to the elevation.  Day temperature reach between 15 ºC y 18 ºC, and the nights are freezing, especially during the winter months (June through August). Precipitation reaches 700 mm.  The Yungas are appreciably warmer as a result of their lower elevation, and possess a humid, sub-tropical climate characterized by heavy annual precipitation of over 1,250 mm, high humidity throughout the year, and an average annual temperature of  23 ºC. On the plains the climate is hot and sub-tropical, with heavy summer rains in the north and a drier, milder climate in the south.


Change Type: 1 USD = 7.75 Bolivianos

Financial Information*

Institutional Characteristics


Number of MFIs


Total Assets


Sample size of group.


Total assets, adjusted for inflation and standardized loan portfolio provisioning and write-offs.





Financial Estructure


Capital / Assets Ratio


Commercial Funding



Debt / Equity Ratio


Gross Loan Portfolio / Total Assets

Total Equity, adjusted/ Total Assets, adjusted.

All liabilities with “market” price/ Average Gross Loan Portfolio

Total liabilities, adjusted/ Total Equity, adjusted.

Gross Loan Portfolio, adjusted/ Total Assets, adjusted









Scale and Outreach


Number of Active Borrowers


% of Women Borrowers


Number of outstanding loans



Gross Loan Portfolio


Number of Borrowers with loans outstanding, adjusted for standardized write-offs.


Number of active women borrowers/ Number of Active Borrowers adjusted.


Number of outstanding loans, adjusted for standardized write-offs.


Gross Loan Portfolio, adjusted for standardized write-offss.












Macroeconomic Indicators


GNP per capita

GDP Growth Rate


Deposit Rate  


Inflation Rate


Financial Penetration


US $


Annual Average






M3 / GIP











Profitability and Sustainability


Adjusted Return on Assets



Adjusted Return on Equito



Operational Self-Sufficiency



Financial Self-Sufficiency


Net Operating Income, adjusted and net of taxes/ Average Total Assets adjusted.


Net Operating Income, adjusted and net of taxes/ Average Total Equity adjusted.


Financial Revenue/ (Financial Expense + Net Loan Loss Provision Expense + Operating Expense).

Financial Revenue, adjusted/ (Financial Expense + Net Loan Loss Provision Expense + Operating Expense), adjusted.












* The data used in this section forms parts of a study by the MIX Society, Latin America, regarding the state of micro finances in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, as of December, 2006.  The information is part of a statistical sample of all the microfinance institutions in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Information taken from:  “Latin America and the Caribbean”, Microfinance Information eXchange (MIX), in Regional Benchmarks, MIX Latin America, December, 2006, Lima, Peru.  Available in:

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